Who We Are

Shreenath security system was established in 2013 and is justifiably proud of its pioneering role in Emerging markets. We have reasons to believe that now there is recognition of the fact that The private sector actually is a very smart partner in delivering sustainable And reliable services.

Our company has three major divisions :

General corporate products division

Under this division, our major role is to focus on closed circuit television camera(c.c.t.v) Systems which are highely effective in result of security as well as in tehft and in work Monitoring. Now a days with increse in deemnd and supply arena it is necessity to hold Monitorng on security expect. We work hand in hand with the customer requirement. Our services also include maintenance of bio-metrics system in your premises.

Security technology division

By lowering the often high cost of theft and break-in’s, under development can be Reduced. Modern and appropriate technology can be used to cut the cost of replacing Data and property. There are also innovative ways like using off-site monitoring cctv, Fingerprints, access control systems, network cctv and card tags to gain access into a Building. This initiative will widen the awareness and gain more business investments for company’s.

guarding division

It hopes to fill the vacuum of monitoring and reactions to crime break-outs, particularly In the micro-finance and co-operate sectors. Our responsibility is to provide effective and Professional guarding with the interest of the customer at heart. The security Opportunities that exist today are unique.our strict officers will prove the most reliable And trustworthy in the

Facilities maintenance and management:

Every electrical appliance and product needs to be maintained and serviced at one point. We handle repairs and maintenance of all commercial and household security equipment And accessiories. Our professional repairers has a great deal of experience in the field of Providing the best electrical components for your appliances. We are very aware of the International brand standards and we will do our best to bring it back as good as new.

Company Vision / Mission

To become the premier international risk consultants and pipe line for new age security Technology. To make a difference in the market, not just for financial gain, but also to be Able to c rry our client’s risk with them nd lessen the risk with profession l service at a Market related cost.

We are committed to provide our clients with professional services in respect of risk Assessment of all protection related services. We commit ourselves to provide professional service to our clients and encourage Mutual relationships of support and co-operation with the business, aimed at creating a Fair, trustworthy relationship. We endeavour to participate actively and responsibly in the communities we serve, and to Strive for a harmonious and safe society.

Our goals and objectives

To obtain international recognition as one of the committed leaders in the safety industry. The objective of our establishment is to foster a result-oriented culture. Our priorities for The future are clear: deliver increased value to our customers, employees and communities in Which we operate.

Our team

To further enhance the considerable skills base, we have top fire engineers, alarm specialists And cctv monitoring team that would assist our clients from designs. To any other option Th t would suite the client’s needs. This gives us greater insight and scope to serve our Customers and exploit options to meet their needs. We are also building a broad and deep pool of indian talent and technicians with the skills And experience to operate across different markets and cultures. Due to the nature of our business, a very strict disciplinary procedure operates in order to Further the aims and objectives of the company. All employees are required to render Responsible, diligent and honest service to the company. The comp ny is in the course nd scope of exercising its “right to m n ge” will not hesitate to Institute disciplinary measures against an employee who fails or refuses to carry out his Duties and fulfils his/her obligations, or alternatively, who is reasonably proven to have Breached the company code of conduct. We have a job to do and we are determined to get it done. We are, at this time, engaged in an Exercise to increase our staff capacity both in field and control office. We are also working Assiduously to mobilize additional resources. We believe that, as trained professionals in the industry, offering total solutions, there is No margin for error, and we therefore ensure that absolute focus on achieving 110% client Satisfaction is achieved.